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Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) is the global leader in implementing inkjet technology into complex direct-to-shape decoration and coating applications, offering a flexible digital alternative to masking, spray and screen. We provide software, printhead drive electronics, fluid delivery sub-systems, robot control, consultancy and support. Our technology is production capable and designed to work reliably in 24/7 rugged industrial settings. We are actively working with Tier 2 suppliers to the automotive industry, and we can help you assess whether inkjet technology has a place in your manufacturing process. To coat or decorate complex parts, GIS has developed the Atlas Direct-to-Shape (DTS) Studio, which enables you to use inkjet to apply protective hard coats or full-colour graphics to vehicle components. With many different tools, the Atlas DTS Studio software also includes drivers to export print and transport data to the inkjet printhead and robotic handling systems. Visit www.globalinkjetsystems.com/automotive for further information.

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